Split video and audio based on segments and markers.

The functionality you wish your editor had!

  • ✂️ Batch split/export based on markers
  • ✂️ Batch split/export based on segments
  • ✂️ Batch split/export based on arbitrary metadata
  • Works with different editors
  • 📽️ Works with video and audio
  • Preserves all effects applied
  • ⚡ Extremenly fast
  • 🦾 Lossless, no quality loss
Imitate user interface



Current version: v1.2.7

Use Cases

  • Stock Footage. Keep all different clips on the same timeline.
  • Course Creation. Keep all video lessons on the same timeline. Apply audio effects to everything
  • Custom Workflows. Export based on markers or segments.
Make this …
DaVinci Resolve project with many segments
… become this
Splitted files with "clip" as basename
Make this …
DaVinci Resolve project with many markers
… become this
Splitted files with marker names as filenames

How does it work?

MediaChopper reads metadata files from your editor and split the output file based on your preferences.

Which programs does it work with?

Right now it only works with DaVinci Resolve, but we are working on adding more!